Sunday, November 19, 2006

Milton Friedman is Dead


I walked past a national electronics retailer and saw this gianormous line running around and around and around the block complete with barricades and cops and sleeping bags and some pot smoking and some girls who looked like they really really loved their boyfriends at least enough to hold their place in line while the boyfriend was at work at the local CD store or bookstore or guitar store or in class studying Neetchee and all that dark philosophy stuff you know man like it’s fucked up and I thought hey! must be something really important so I asked hey! what's so important and the guy in the front of the line said for the one millionth time today man its like the new playstation you know like from sony and all like we're waiting for it you know so I said word and he said yeah it's cool though dude cause I am going to like sell it for like ten times what's worth to some dude from japan or something like on ebay or something you know and the guy behind him looked homeless which he was and so were a couple other guys and they had either been paid by someone to stand in line for someone or had seen an opportunity and had gotten up and gotten into line at some point earlier in the day and were waiting for 11:55PM 5 minutes before the doors opened and the whole deal happened like lightning hitting a speeding boat whereupon they were going to sell their place in line to the highest bidder and then go get ripped and sleep it off and then go get ripped again and then when I got home I read that today Milton Friedman died at 94 years old and I thought no he's not he's living on the streets of NYC standing in line getting ready to take advantage of someone who wants something just a little bit more than he does and will pay for it.

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